Lighter than SPC, Stronger than WPC

NOXGENESIS is NOX’s patented hybrid LVT flooring technology offering a perfect solution for rigidness with high impact resistance, increased stability, superior profile strength, and waterproof function while being lightweight.

  • Excellent Rigidness

    - Superior dimensional stability against temperature changes up to 176 degrees (80°C)
    - Better impact resistance over 1,500 PSI compared to 250 PSI with WPC
    - Superior profile strength, eliminating the brittle profiles that are inherent to WPC
  • Eliminates the drawbacks of Rigid Core / SPC

    - Better flexibility and performance than stiff rigid core products
    - Elimination of “trampoline effect” with unleveled subfloors
    - A fraction of the weight (about 40% lighter than regular rigid board), reducing freight costs
    - Superior sound absorption