Lighter than SPC, Stronger than WPC

NOXGENESIS is a patent pending technology that NOX invented to create the new standard in hybrid
LVT flooring. This technology is the perfect solution with high impact resistance, increased stability,
superior profile strength and waterproof function, while being lightweight.

  • Eliminates the drawbacks of WPC

    - Superior dimensional stability against temperature changes up to 176 degrees (80°C)
    - Better impact resistance over 1,500 PSI compared to 250 PSI with WPC
    - Superior profile strength, eliminating the brittle profiles that are inherent to WPC
  • Eliminates the drawbacks of Rigid Core / SPC

    - Better flexibility and performance than stiff rigid core products
    - Elimination of “trampoline effect” with unleveled subfloors
    - A fraction of the weight (about 40% lighter than regular rigid board), reducing freight costs
    - Superior sound absorption