Simply CERAMIT™!

Next generation of ceramic tile look, with LVT’s first "Built-in-Grout” design that will not crack or chip, ensuring
the easiest installation and hassle-free maintenance. Compared to conventional ceramic tiles, CERAMIT™ is quieter, warmer with softer underfoot feel, tougher against impact of heavy objects, and shatter resistant.

  • Convenient and quick installation without messy grout or tile cutter dust

    - Just lay them down and the natural grout line will appear,
      letting the natural elegance of stone and ceramic tiles to shine.
    - No need to mix, measure, or apply grout,
      making the installation process clean and simple without any mess.
  • Convenient and quick installation without messy grout or tile cutter dust

    - Easy cleaning and maintenance without any worries of dealing
      with typical dirty and discolored grout of conventional ceramic tiles.
    - Requires less maintenance than traditional tile floors.
  • Test

    test table
    Test Item Standard CERAMIT™ (Loose Lay LVT)
    Level of use EN 685 23/33/42
    Dimensional stability ISO 23999 / EN 434 ≤0.10% (Norm:≤0.15%)
    Abrasion group EN 660-2 Class T
    Castor chair resistance EN425 No damage
    Squareness & Straightness ISO 24342 ≤ 400mm : ≤0.25mm
    >400mm : ≤0.35mm
    ASTM F2055 ≤ 0.01 in
    Residual indentation EN433 ≤ 0.1mm
    ASTM F1914 <8%
    Impact sound insulation ISO 10140-3 9dB
    Light fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥6
    Slip resistance EN 13893 DS
    DIN51130 R10
    Resistance to chemicals ISO 26987 No Defects
    ASTM F925 No Defects
    Thermal resistance ISO 8302 0.01m2 K/W
    Curling after exposure to heat ISO 23999 ≤ 1mm
    Fire resistance EN 13501-1 Bfl -s1
    Flexibility ISO 24344 Passed
    ASTM F137 Passed
    Body Voltage EN 1815 <2kV
    Resistance against staining ISO 26987 Passed
    Underfloor heating suitability EN 12524 Suitable
    Formaldehyde group EN 717-1 E1
    Indoor air quality Low VOC