As a Flooring Innovation Leader,
NOX Continues to Set New Standards
Leading the LVT flooring industry with unparalleled technology and innovative products
NOX is the industry’s standard worldwide
  • Different Origin
    NOX’s distinct origin and exclusive know-hows in floor engineering
  • Unique Technology
    & IVP System
    NOX’s IVP System,
    EMT™ Core & EPT™ Shield
  • In-House Design
    NOX’s high quality & ingenious in-house design system
  • Global Operation
    NOX’s constant advancement towards global no.1
  • NOX Promise
    NOX is a trusted partner for continued growth
CEO Message
NOX Corporation, The global LVT flooring Innovation Leader
Established in 1994 and celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, NOX is a professional flooring company that has been leading LVT innovation worldwide. NOX is a prominent leader in the global LVT flooring industry, represented by its world-class product quality, technology innovation, and superior quality management based on the world's first and only Integrated Vertical Production (IVP) system.

Having developed products and sought new market opportunities since its founding, NOX won the $200 million Export Award in 2020 and is currently exporting to more than 50 countries, while maintaining its market share leader status across developed countries known to demand high quality, such as the US, Japan, Germany, and France. Specifically, NOX has been enhancing its growth potential through global operations such as opening its first US factory in 2015, expanding its 1st plant and opening its 2nd plant in 2019, and starting official operations of its fully equipped NOX ASEAN in Vietnam in 2021.

Since awarding "Best of Surfaces 2012 Innovation” at TISE 2012, and “Gold NEOCON Award” at NEOCON 2019 the top 2 North American exhibitions, NOX received the "Best of Surfaces 2023 Award” recognizing the leadership in sustainability at the TISE 2023. In recent, NOX has once again been recognized for its global standing and product competitiveness by winning the “World Class Product of Korea" award from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE).

NOX leads design innovation. With over 6,000 of the world's largest in-house design solution collections, including the Grand Prize at the Red Dot Design Award, Japan's Good Design Award, the DOMOTEX Hannover Innovation Award, the top prize at IDEA 2015, the Gold NEOCON Award 2019, and most recently, the Grand Prize at the 2024 iF Design Awards, NOX exemplifies unparalleled commitment to design excellence and innovation.

Sustainability is our foundation. We invented LVT flooring to co-exist with plastic and initiate a sustainable standard in the industry as we live through the Age of Plastic. Now, NOX proudly announces that our Integrated Vertical Production (IVP) has once again evolved into Circular Integrated Vertical Production (Circular IVP) to make tomorrow a better place. we innovate sustainably and declare to introduce Bio-Circular Balanced PVC and Eco-friendly plasticizer to all our product lines by replacing over 90% of raw materials with sustainable raw materials and producing 100% recyclable products only. Our sustainable innovations have been recognized at The International Surface Event 2024 (TISE 2024), the world's largest international flooring exhibition, earning the Best of Awards 2024 in the Sustainability/Disruption category for the second consecutive year.

NOX continues to redefine the sustainability standard of flooring for a better tomorrow. We greatly appreciate all the attention given to our environment-friendly solution, which commits to social responsibility as the core value of our company, and would like to continue the evolution in alignment with our customers.

We lead innovative changes
through differentiated functions and inimitable designs.
    Utilize natural·artificial materials
    to make available products that are useful
    in the everyday life
    Global No.1 Professional Housing & Building
    Design-Material Company
NOX’s 3 CORE VALUES and 9 NOX WAYS are firm beliefs
established with clear principles to realize NOX’s mission and vision
  • Reliability

    Our Foundation

    We ensure "Global Best" quality for our customers, the environment and our people.

  • Possibility

    Our Identity

    We realize " Global First" Innovations through the expertise of our people.

  • Dedication

    Our Operation

    We enjoy "Doing the Right Thing" with positive enthusiasm.

NOX Core Values


  • Customer Focus
    We begin work by clearly understanding the goal and the objective, when the goal and the objectives must be oriented around our customers. By doing so, we strive to have all of our effort customer focused while understanding and exceeding their expectation.
  • Quality Excellence
    We set the meaning and quality standards of our work with clarity. We make sure that quality standards are met and strive to achieve perfection. We execute every detail with precision to exceed our goals. We ensure that no minor defects are left undealt with before proceeding to the next step.
  • Trust Building
    We respect and care for each other and pursue open communication. We prioritize alternatives over criticism, encouragement over blame, and discussions over command. We trust one another and build collaborative relationships with internal and external customers.


  • Bold Vision
    We share a mission that inspires outstanding results and lead colleagues toward that direction. We strive to redefine the industry and create new markets for customers.
  • Innovation
    We seek new ideas. While thinking outside the box, we seek opportunities despite difficulties to foster innovative mindsets throughout the organization. We continuously encourage and implement new innovation.
  • Craftsmanship
    We believe that there is no end to learning, and we work to become the best in our field of expertise. We nurture leaders of tomorrow who will one day become leaders themselves, and coach them along the way.


  • Ownership
    We embrace new opportunities and opt for taking responsibility rather than claiming authority, as all of us are leaders. We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond our roles and responsibilities. Long-term values should not be sacrificed for short-term performances.
  • Frontline Focus
    We believe that answers lie at the frontline, not at the desk. We highly respect our colleagues and wholeheartedly support their daily work at the frontline. Through active engagement in the field, we capture new opportunities and prevent any issues from occurring.
  • Act First
    We consider speed, precision, and confirmation essential to our work. We immerse ourselves in our work on a daily basis to equip ourselves with the ability to act upon timely decisions. As most decisions and actions are amendable, we do not miss on opportunities to be the first. We value taking calculated risks and lead by doing.
NOX redefines sustainability standard of flooring
Within NOX’s organic organization, professional teams adhere to
NOX’s principles of action to together build Global No.1 NOX

  • Global & Domestic Sales
    Carries out sales activities with NOX’s global and domestic customers, and enhances NOX’s profile and brand values through active acquisition of new customers and opening of new distribution offices

  • R&D
    Researches and develops raw materials and production processes to build a portfolio of innovative technologies and products, based on engineering expertise and analytical thinking

  • Design
    Establishes product design strategy and develops designs by considering both performance and aesthetics, in order to meet customers’ increasingly demanding requirements

  • Product & Marketing Planning
    Plans new products based on the latest data and trends on customers and markets, and builds differentiated marketing strategies to improve profitability and fulfill management goals and sales plans.

  • Human Resources
    Establishes HR strategies in connection to long-term management strategies and oversees HRM/HRD tasks such as promotion, recruitment, training, and compensation, as human resources are one of NOX’s core competencies

  • Business Development
    Establishes NOX’s strategic goals and vision by planning and coordinating overall management activities such as development, implementation and evaluation of management strategies, allocating resources and managing performance

  • Production Planning
    & Quality Assurance
    Identifies required production quantity based on demand forecasting and sales orders for smooth production, and continuously monitors products to ensure satisfactory product quality

  • Finance Planning
    Builds and executes various financial planning and accounting tasks to provide accurate financial information on costs and revenue in a timely manner for optimal decision making regarding profitability

  • Production & Environment, Health,
    and Safety
    Manages the entire manufacturing process to ensure smooth production without product defects, plans and implements safety programs to prevent unsafe environmental working conditions and accidents.

  • Purchasing
    & Supply Chain Management
    Purchases and distributes required items at a competitive price at the right time, builds and manages the supply chain for maximum efficiency and company profit.

  • Information Technology (IT)
    Manages system construction, operation, and improvement tasks to promote informatization of the entire business, and performs infrastructure operation management tasks such as IT assets, network, server, and security.
NOX’s history dates back to its chemical heritage from 60 years ago
  • 1994-2005
    World's first IVP (Integrated Vertical Production) system, Glueless Floating LVT Click (ECOCLICK+) and Loose Lay LVT (ECOLAY+)
  • 2012
    World’s first launch of Woven Textile LVT, LOOM+
  • 2013
    Launch of new ‘EPT™ (Eco-Pro-Tec)’ safe antimicrobial coating (without Nano-silver)
  • 2015
    Established NOX US (1st plant) in Fostoria, Ohio
  • 2017
    Completed construction of Seoul Design Center
Discover the footsteps of NOX, the flooring innovation leader
  • 1994
    Industry’s first JIS certification from JAPAN
  • 2003
    Received ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2014
    - Received ‘Red Dot
    Award 2014’
    - Received 'Good
    Design Award 2014’
  • 2015
    - Received ‘Innovation@DOMOTEX Hannover’
    - Received ‘IDEA 2015’
  • 2020
    Received $200M Export Achievement Tower
  • 2023-2024
    - Received ‘Best of Surface 2023’ for sustainability/Disruption & World Class Product of Korea’ by MOTIE in 2023
    - iF Design Award 2024 in 2024