NOX offers 9 NOX ways for a better work environment where all our employees cooperate and challenge themselves for continuous improvement.
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People at NOX understand and practice the following 3 core values
  • Reliability

    A leader who takes ownership and does their best, encouraging considerate cooperation and relieving others

  • Possibility

    An artisan who intently hones their expertise and innovation with a challenging spirit

  • Dedication

    A practitioner who persistently dedicates themselves with passion at the frontline, being respected by those around them

NOX Core Values


  • Customer Focus
    We begin work by clearly understanding the goal and the objective, when the goal and the objectives must be oriented around our customers. By doing so, we strive to have all of our effort customer focused while understanding and exceeding their expectation.
  • Quality Excellence
    We set the meaning and quality standards of our work with clarity. We make sure that quality standards are met and strive to achieve perfection. We execute every detail with precision to exceed our goals. We ensure that no minor defects are left undealt with before proceeding to the next step.
  • Trust Building
    We respect and care for each other and pursue open communication. We prioritize alternatives over criticism, encouragement over blame, and discussions over command. We trust one another and build collaborative relationships with internal and external customers.


  • Bold Vision
    We share a mission that inspires outstanding results and lead colleagues toward that direction. We strive to redefine the industry and create new markets for customers.
  • Innovation
    We seek new ideas. While thinking outside the box, we seek opportunities despite difficulties to foster innovative mindsets throughout the organization. We continuously encourage and implement new innovation.
  • Craftsmanship
    We believe that there is no end to learning, and we work to become the best in our field of expertise. We nurture leaders of tomorrow who will one day become leaders themselves, and coach them along the way.


  • Ownership
    We embrace new opportunities and opt for taking responsibility rather than claiming authority, as all of us are leaders. We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond our roles and responsibilities. Long-term values should not be sacrificed for short-term performances.
  • Frontline Focus
    We believe that answers lie at the frontline, not at the desk. We highly respect our colleagues and wholeheartedly support their daily work at the frontline. Through active engagement in the field, we capture new opportunities and prevent any issues from occurring.
  • Act First
    We consider speed, precision, and confirmation essential to our work. We immerse ourselves in our work on a daily basis to equip ourselves with the ability to act upon timely decisions. As most decisions and actions are amendable, we do not miss on opportunities to be the first. We value taking calculated risks and lead by doing.
Plans new products and promotes sales to showcase innovative market leadership and enhance brand value
  • Global Business

    Carries out sales activities with NOX’s global customers, and enhances NOX’s profile and brand values through active acquisition of new customers and opening of new distribution offices

  • Domestic Business

    Carries out sales activities with NOX’s domestic customers, and enhances NOX’s profile and brand values through active acquisition of new customers and opening of new distribution offices

  • Product & Marketing Planning

    Plans new products based on the latest data and trends on customers and markets, and builds differentiated marketing strategies to improve profitability and fulfill management goals and sales plans.

Researches and develops product specifications and aesthetic designs to meet customer expectations
  • Design

    Establishes product design strategy and develops designs by considering both performance and aesthetics, in order to meet customers’ increasingly demanding requirements

  • R&D

    Researches and develops raw materials and production processes to build a portfolio of innovative technologies and products, based on engineering expertise and analytical thinking

Business Management
Supports the executive board’s future-oriented decision making process
  • Finance Planning

    Builds and executes various financial planning and accounting tasks to provide accurate financial information on costs and revenue in a timely manner for optimal decision making regarding profitability

  • Purchasing

    Purchases and supplies raw materials, equipment, etc. required for production or the company to stabilize supply and demand, enhance product quality, lower costs and increase productivity

  • Human Resources

    Establishes HR strategies in connection to long-term management strategies and oversees HRM/HRD tasks such as promotion, recruitment, training, and compensation, as human resources are one of NOX’s core competencies

  • Information Technology (IT)

    Manages system construction, operation, and improvement tasks to promote informatization of the entire business, and performs infrastructure operation management tasks such as IT assets, network, server, and security.

Manufacturing Technology·Support
Focuses on increasing productivity from production to quality assurance
  • Production

    Manages the entire manufacturing process to ensure smooth production without product defects.

  • Production Management

    Builds and manages the supply chain for maximum efficiency and company profit.

  • Production Planning

    Identifies required production quantity based on demand forecasting and sales orders for smooth production

  • Materials Management

    Orders and supplies outsourced components, raw and subsidiary materials at appropriate times to prevent shortage and improve consistency between inventory and stock for better inventory management

  • Quality Assurance

    Monitors products continuously to ensure delivery of quality products

  • Facilities Maintenance

    Improves equipment technology and handles maintenance tasks to efficiently manage the manufacturing process and increase productivity.

  • Environment, Health & Safety

    Promotes frontline safety through training and safety system improvements, and manages various environmental factors to smoothen external stakeholder relations and prevent environmental accidents

  • Pension · Insurance

    ⋅ National Pension
    ⋅ Retirement Pension
    ⋅ Employment Insurance
    ⋅ Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance
    ⋅ National Health Insurance
    ⋅ Group Accident Insurance

  • Compensation · Rewards

    ⋅ Long-Term Service Rewards
    ⋅ Best Employee Rewards
    ⋅ Idea Innovator Rewards
    ⋅ Annual leave allowance
    ⋅ Position Allowance
    ⋅ Certificate Allowance
    ⋅ Performance Incentives

  • Health · Wellness

    ⋅ Annual / Half-day Leave
    ⋅ Congratulations & Condolences Leave
    ⋅ Reward Vacation
    ⋅ Postnatal Leave
    ⋅ Maternity / Paternity Leave
    ⋅ Foundation Day Off
    ⋅ Labor Day Off
    ⋅ Reduced Working Hours for Childcare

  • Career Training · program

    ⋅ NOX Technical Training
    ⋅ Intensified technical training
    ⋅ Online Job Training
    ⋅ Expert Invited Seminar Program
    ⋅ OJT (On the Job Training)
    ⋅ Unlimited Book Purchase
    ⋅ Overseas posts

  • Corporate Culture · Facilities

    ⋅ Employee Dormitories
    ⋅ Canteen
    ⋅ Healthcare Center
    ⋅ Cafeterias
    ⋅ Fitness Center

  • Employee Assistance Program

    ⋅ Uniform
    ⋅ Commuter Buses
    ⋅ Congratulation & Condolence Items
    ⋅ Holiday Gifts
    ⋅ Scholarship program for Employees’ children
    ⋅ Healthcare Platform Operation
    ⋅ Company Club Support
    ⋅ Parental Leave

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