Hybrid Carpet Flooring, the ultimate design and hygiene & maintenance technology
LOOM+, a hybrid carpet floor with NOX EMT™ Core technology, ensures the easiest maintenance,
and strong waterproof and durability that resolves the hygienic concerns of conventional carpets.
Transform a flat environment with LOOM+’s various colors, sizes, and textures.
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EMT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability

    EPT Shield+

    • High performance surface coating technology
    • Industry no.1 stain resistance and better
      anti-slip function
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Difference Specialties

  • LOOM+ Design
    • Profound Color Composition
      Realizing multiple tones of color - carefully selected by artists - we provide you with very unique colors that expresses LOOM+ in harmony with surrounding interiors.
    • Infinite array of color and texture
      Available in 59 colors covering diverse tones Like neutral, cool, warm, light, and dark in five different yarn thicknesses, we give you nine unique design patterns.
  • LOOM+ Technology
    Distinguished NOX EMT™ Core Structure
    NOX EMT™ Core structure featured with innovative functionality and safety, proven in more than 50 countries over 20 years
  • LOOM+ Sustainability
    The world’s first and most sustainable flooring solution
    LOOM+, NOX hybrid carpet flooring, utilizes carbon-reducing raw materials, ensuring safety for both families and the environment. The raw materials are certified with ISCC PLUS, signifying compliance with The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) of the European Union.
    • Bio-Circular Balanced PVC
      A sustainable raw material produced from discarded resources like waste cooking oil reduces carbon emissions by 114% compared to conventional PVC
    • Eco-friendly
      Phthalate-Free Plasticizer
      Eco-friendly plasticizers made from recycled PET bottles, setting an industry-first while enhancing safety and sustainability
    NOX redefines the sustainability standard of flooring and leads global LVT flooring sustainability innovation by expanding the percentage of carbon-reducing materials to the world’s highest level and producing 100% easily recyclable floorings only.

Technical Information

  • Specifications
  • Technical Performances
  • Caution
technical information table
Brand Size [mm] Thickness [mm] Pcs/Box m²/Box kg/m²
LOOM+ 500 x 500 3 16 4 5.0
5 10 2.5 8.2
250 x 1000 3 16 4 5.0
5 10 2.5 8.2
500 x 1000 3 8 4 5.0
5 5 2.5 8.2
  • Condition in at least 19°C or the normal temperature of the room where the product is to be laid,
    for at least 48 hours before installing. Cartons must be stacked less than 5 high and tiles removed 30 minutes before use.
    The site conditions must be maintained during installation and for at least 48 hours after completion.
    NOX Corporation will not accept claims where these instructions have not been followed.
technical information Test Result table
Test Item Standard LOOM+
Level of use EN 685 33
Fraying EN 1814 Frayproof
Thermal resistance ISO 8302 0.02m²K/W
Castor chair resistance EN 985 No damage
Dimensional stability ISO 23999 / EN 986 ≤ 0.10% ( Norm: ≤ 0.25% ) / Passed
Fire resistance EN 13501-1 Bfl -s1
Indoor air quality Low VOC (floor score certified)
Underfloor heating EN 12524 Suitable
Light fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥ 6
Slip resistance DIN 51130 / EN 13893 R11 / DS
Flexibility ISO 24344 Passed
Impact sound insulation ISO 10140-3 9dB
Body Voltage EN 1815 ≤ 2KV
Squareness & Straightness ISO 24342 / ASTM F2055 No deviation / ≤ 0.01 in
Residual Indentation ISO 24343-1 / ASTM F1914 ≤ 0.1mm / < 8%
Resistance to chemicals ISO 26987 / ASTM F925 No Defects / No Defects
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