No Stick, No Click, Just Lay
Proven loose-lay system installed in global market mainly for heavy commercial installation
with its unique structure of unparalleled dimensional stability, diverse designs, and size options.
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EMT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability
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Difference Specialties

  • EPT™ Shield & EMT™ Core Technology

    NOX Corporation, one of the world-largest LVT manufacturers, traces its roots to chemical engineering with expertise in core components of LVT flooring for more than 50 years. Its NOX EPT™ Shield & EMT™ Core technologies are the foundation of ECOLAY+ innovation, providing the most stable and eco-friendly products.

    • EPT™ Shield
      ⋅ Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface shield technology
      ⋅ PU or Ceramic PU coating treatment [Anti-Bacterial] without
         using Nano-silver [controversial to be harmful for human health]
      ⋅ Clear design protection layer
    • EMT™ Core-6L
      ⋅ Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
      ⋅ 6-layered EMT™ Core structure for long-term dimensional stability
    Proven Innovation of ECOLAY since 2003
    Distinguished NOX EMT™ Core structure ensures the unparalleled dimensional stability and extra sound absorption of ECOLAY+.
  • Advantages of ECOLAY+
    • Most diverse sizes
      - 3 plank sizes including grande plank size
      - 2 tile sizes including grande tile size
    • Superior dimensional stability with
      - NOX EPT™ Shield & EMT™ Core technologies
      - Fiberglass stabilization layer
    • Easy to install, replace,
      and remove
    • Silent and soft floor
    • Certified low VOCs and
      non-phthalate technology
    • 100% recyclable
    • Ultra water-resistant
    • Suitable for heated floor
    • HD design
    • Easier maintenance than
      traditional laminated wood
      and natural stone flooring

Additional Features

Diverse design and technical features are available upon request

  • Surface Embossing
    ECOLAY+ with 7 different surface embossing textures including natural Embossed-In-Register
    • I-14 Wood structure
    • I-06 Slate structure
    • I-03 Sand structure
    • I-17 Natural wood structure
    • I-22 Wood structure
    • I-34 Stone structure
    • I-35 Design wood structure
  • Built-In-Grout
    The first in LVT, "Built-In-Grout" available
    When installed, the natural grout line will appear, allowing for the natural
    elegance of stone and ceramic tiles to shine. ECOLAY+ can be supplied
    in grout type according to your request.
  • Rustic Edge
    The first in LVT, ‘ Rustic Edge’ technology of NOX
    Get the natural, timeworn Look of rustic wood flooring, in a range of
    on-trend colors and styles.
    ECOLAY+ can be supplied with ‘Rustic Edge’ type according to your request.
    Only available for 177.8 x 1,219.2 mm (7 x 48 inch)
  • Non-skid Backing of ECOLAY+
    ECOLAY+ can be supplied with non-skid backing
    type according to your request.

Technical Information

  • Specifications
  • Installation Guideline
  • Maintenance
  • Test Result
technical information table
Brand Thickness [mm] Wear Layer Size [mm] Pcs/Box Sqm/Box
ECOLAY+ 5 0.30 mm
/ 0.55 mm
180 x 1,201 10 2.16
235 x 1,505 6 2.12
600 x 600 6 2.16
914.4 x 914.4 [36" x 36"] 3 2.51
914.4 x 914.4 [36" x 36"]
[with Non-Skld backing]
4 3.34
177.8 x 1,219.2 [7" x 48"] 10 2.17
  • Prior to installation, the subfloor must be heated for 14 days if heating is available, and if not, allow sufficient time to dry out completely.
  • Room temperature must be maintained at 18˚C or higher before and during installation.
  • The flooring must be allowed to acclimate in the room to be installed for a minimum of 24 hours and be stacked flat on the floor to avoid bending the floor.
  • Prior to installation, please ensure that both color and lot# are the same.
  • When installing ECOLAY+, be sure to keep dust, dirt or foreign particles away from the locking strip.
  • Regularly sweep floor to remove sand and grit that can scratch floor.
  • For best results, use only water with a mop. Avoid flooding the floor with too much water.
  • For heavily soiled areas, use a neutral ph balanced floor cleaner.
  • Use caution when lifting boxes.
  • Promptly remove any standing water to avoid slippage.
  • Keep ECOLAY+ on the flat surface to keep it from warping.
technical information Test Result table
Product Specification Standard ECOLAY+
Surface Treatment (NOX EPT™ Shield) ISO 22196 / ASTM G21-15 Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Fungi
Level of Use ISO 10874 0.30mm: 23, 31
0.55mm: 23, 33, 42
Total Thickness ISO 24346 +0.13mm / -0.10mm
Wearlayer Thickness ISO 24340 +13% / - 10%
Weight (g/m2) ISO 23997 +13% / - 10%
Dimensional stability &
Curling after exposure to heat
ISO 23999 ≤0.10%
Abrasion group EN 660-2 Class T
Castor Chair resistance ISO 4918 No damage
Squareness & Straightness ISO 24342 ≤400mm : ≤0.25mm
>400mm : ≤0.35mm
ASTM F2055 ≤0.01in
Residual Indentation ISO 24343-1 ≤0.1mm
Static Load Limit ASTM F970 ≤0.005 in @ 250psi min
Light Fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥ 6
Slip resistance EN 13893 DS
DIN 51130 R10
Impact Sound Reduction EN ISO 10140-3 9db
Resistance to Chemicals ISO 26987 No defects
Thermal Resistance EN 12667 0.017 (m2K/W)
Fire Resistance EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1
Body Voltage EN 1815 ≤2kV
Peel Resistance ISO 24345 More than 60N/50mm
Formaldehyde Group EN 717-1 E1
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